About the Creators

As siblings, we are thrilled to introduce ourselves as the passionate minds behind Hidden Realm Shop.


Artist / Designer:

Nadine Sophie - Kickstarter: kickstarter.com/profile/nadinesophie, Website: www.cosmic-seeker.com

Nadine, the artistic powerhouse of our duo, is a versatile freelance illustrator, designer, writer, and tarot reader. During her childhood, she found joy in painting, diving into numerous novels, and exploring the wonders of mythological and spiritual literature. Her interest in tarot and astrology took root during her teenage years and has since become an integral part of her life. Before embarking on her journey as a freelance artist, Nadine honed her skills as a graphic designer in the advertising industry. Her impressive creations include the Inner Guidance Oracle Deck, Archaios Muthos Playing Card Deck, and the Cosmic Seeker Tarot. To discover more of her enchanting work, visit www.cosmic-seeker.com.


Nils Philip - Instagram: @hiddenrealmpublishing, Kickstarter: kickstarter.com/profile/hrpublishing, Website: www.hidden-realm.com

Nils is a multi-talented individual, a freelance writer, musician, and tarot reader. His fascination with tarot, astrology, and the mystical world began during his early childhood and has remained a driving force ever since. Before pursuing his freelance writing career, Nils worked as an authorized signatory. Still, his true passions lie in the realms of electronic music and immersing himself in the tranquility of nature. Nils envisions a future filled with more creative decks, so watch for his upcoming projects on his Kickstarter account @hrpublishing

As siblings with a shared passion for the spiritual realm, astrology, and the enigmatic beauty of ancient Egypt, we have embarked on this incredible journey of bringing the captivating world of Hidden Realm Shop to life. Our bond and shared interests fuel our desire to create meaningful and inspiring products that resonate with your soul.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure, and we hope you find joy and wisdom in exploring the treasures of Hidden Realm Shop.

Nils Philip & Nadine Sophie

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